Virtual Thermal Printer

Virtual Thermal Printer is android application witch can replace hardware thermal printer. Virtual printer uses some ESC protocol commands (list below) to display on Android device screen printout. It use only TCP/IP (WIFI)  transport protocol.

NEW!! Completely new version avaliable! Redesigned with new features.

Virtual Thermal Ptinter description

Download Google PLAY

Link to Google Play

PROMOTION!! For every client, desktop version of application for FREE. Please contact email.

Virtual Thermal Printer for Desktop PC

For testing You can try desktop app to connect printer and create simple printouts, available for download below:
Link to Desktop test App version 1.04

ESCP PC Testing app


Supported ESCP commands:

- LF,
- RS,
- SO,
- DC4,
- ESC !,
- ESC -,
- ESC a,
- ESC t,
- ESC h,
- ESC E,
- ESC W,
- ESC J,
- ESC d,
- ESC @,
- ESC t,
- GS V,
- GS v0,